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 "The strength of the team is each individual member.

The strength of each member is the team."

- Phil Jackson

Alleanza's pursuit

At its core, Alleanza is an “alliance” of highly skilled, world-wise healthcare professionals, educators, and premier medical specialty practices. We apply our passion for learning and clinical collaboration to positively alter practice standards and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


Alleanza supports public and private sector organizations through three distinct service lines: International Clinical Practice, Medical Education & Training, and Austere Environmental Medicine.
Alleanza is a SAM registered US government contractor.

International Clinical Practice
Multi-Group Practice Alliance
Concierge Health Practice
International Patient Referral
Education & Training
Medical Education & Training
Certification Training Courses
Continuing Medical Education
High Risk/Hostile Environment
Academic Program Development
Austere Environmental Medicine
Medical & Dental Evaluations
Mini Mobile Mission Specific Clinic
Turnkey Remote Clinics
Education & Training

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Specialized courses -
for those operating in areas of Elevated Risk or Hostile Action

executive team

Our Executive Team brings a tremendous diversity of professional experience and a capacity for innovation. Alleanza’s emphasis on originality and a persistent search for collaborative solutions is reflected not only in our leadership, but also throughout our entire workforce.


Prior to co-founding Alleanza, Ms. Howard spent over 20 years excelling in multiple roles within the education field.  She began her career as a Program Therapist in Special Education, then multiple supervisory roles within the same field, followed by positions as Master Teacher, Special Education Coordinator, Director of Operations, Director of Quality Improvement, and Assistant Director of the ARC, Montgomery County, Maryland.  She has also served as a Consultant in Education Program Development for multiple organizations designing health education projects domestically and internationally for individuals with special needs.  She also consults on teaching methodologies to assist training in basic healthcare positions for individuals with diverse learning differences.
During his 24 years at The George Washington University and The GW Medical Faculty Associates, Mr. Marinucci was an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Director of Trauma Technology and Wound Management, served as Interim Executive Director for the Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine, and as Director of both International Special Projects and Emergency Medical Education Training Programs.  He also developed successful business lines in the areas of domestic and international clinical medical operations, telemedicine support, and academic & certification training programs throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Here is a story about our CMO
Prior to  joining Alleanza, Mr. Zaban had spent the past 5 years as the Director of Customer Solutions and more recently Web Development with Softwerk AB in Växjö, Sweden. He has also served as a Consultant on a multitude of projects, seeking creative solutions for challenging business problems. His extensive background in overseas travel brings a broad understanding of foreign cultures to our team.

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