Alleanza USA

Our industry-leading, highly-skilled team of healthcare professionals boasts additional training from the US to ensure that they comply with Alleanza’s quality standards and KPIs. Our western-trained healthcare personnel collaborates with one another to deliver holistic and customer-centric solutions while enhancing the quality of life of patients and positively influencing industry standards.
Alleanza designs and delivers holistic solutions that extend beyond clients’ known challenges. Utilizing keen assessment abilities, Alleanza uncovers unmet and unknown client needs. Alleanza collaborates with its partners to align services with patient-centered care.

Delivering Holistic Services

Global Medical Services

  • Concierge Medical Advisory Service
  • International Patient Referral
  • International Practice Alliance
  • Healthcare Facility Development

Austere Environment Medicine

  • DoD Compliant Medical Evaluations
  • Mini Mobile Point-of-Care Clinic
  • Turnkey Remote Clinics
  • Specialized Training Programs

Medical Education and Training

  • Certification Courses
  • Continuing Medical Education Courses
  • Academic Medical Programs
  • Specialized Training Programs


Applying our passion for learning and clinical collaboration to everything we do enables us to provide the private and public sectors with a holistic and innovative approach to healthcare solutions in the areas of homecare, occupational health services, training, education, and virtual health


Forming an alliance of highly-skilled healthcare professionals, based all around the world, to alter practice standards, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. We seek to champion change, always put the customer first, and be nimble in our efforts to drive operational excellence

Alleanza USA

Cultivating Global Healthcare Innovation