Event, Entertainment & Leisure Support

Our team of qualified and experienced physicians, emergency rescue leaders, and public safety professionals provide on-site and event-based medical services to promote safety and mitigate risk. We own and administer our own medical equipment and have medical emergency responders ready to serve you everywhere, and we can provide tailored services at your request.

Our Service Offering

Alleanza offers expert event, entertainment, and leisure support to ensure efficient medical care is at your disposal.

Experience – We have extensive experience covering events from small to large public gatherings. Alleanza Healthcare guarantees to provide tailored care to those in need of medical assistance during events, entertainment, or leisure activities anytime, anywhere.

Professional Standards – We provide qualified and experienced medical personnel at all events. We offer a multitude of services at the highest standards of practice for our clients.

Reliability – With our medical experience, we are one of the most reputable healthcare providers in the UAE. We arrive at the right place and at the right time and provide medical risk assessment and support for any event.

Homecare & Occupational Healthcare Provider

The Importance of Having Trusted and Reliable Health Services at Events or Entertainment Activities

There are various factors to think about when organizing an event, from catering and entertainment to permits and licenses. However, selecting a trained and dependable health provider to assure the safety and well-being of your attendees is one of the most critical aspects of any event.

Although an emergency health and safety incident may not appear inevitable from your viewpoint, accidents can occur at any time and place. It can range from little incidents, such as an individual tripping and injuring oneself, to more serious issues, such as heart attacks. Whatever happens, you want to ensure that everyone has access to the appropriate and immediate care in cases of emergency. It’s crucial to remember that even non-urgent circumstances can grow into something more serious if no medical specialists are there to respond.

It is why experienced medical professionals here at Alleanza Healthcare provide event health services to handle a wide range of emergencies and customizes medical team for your specific events and entertainment activities. Our healthcare team consists of skilled and qualified professionals prepared to handle various medical situations.

Alleanza Healthcare provides full-service event management and medical support for events of all sizes. We have on-site medical services and ambulance transfer services to cater to all your needs. Our event services handle everything from small gatherings to large-scale events, including preparation, execution, and on-site management. Each event has its own set of requirements, and it is critical to work with a reputable, well-established service with broad capabilities like what we offer here at Alleanza Healthcare.

Value Proposition

Home care nursing in dubai and Sharjah - Alleanza UAE

Our healthcare professionals are BLS/ACLS/PALS certified, our nurses are DHA registered, and we are a DHA, DCAS, and MOH licensed provider

Home care nursing in dubai and Sharjah - Alleanza UAE

Our standby ambulances are readily equipped to cover all events with our Hippo Virtual Care headset, delivering a “through the eyes of a clinician” viewpoint

Home care nursing in dubai and Sharjah - Alleanza UAE

Our state-of-the-art fleet of Level 4, 5, and 6 ambulances are fully equipped and customized to meet the client’s around-the-clock requirements

Home care nursing in dubai and Sharjah - Alleanza UAE

Our dedicated on-site emergency medical services team of medics and physicians caters for all types and sizes of events, offering various levels of medical care


In which industries do you provide occupational health services?

Alleanza provides a broad spectrum of occupational medical services meeting each client’s unique project requirement in industrial, academic and leisure areas.

What type of remote clinic operations do you manage?

Alleanza’s remote clinic operations management services include pre-hospital emergency medical services, ambulance services and medical staffing, medical supply management, quality assurance, clinic licensure and management, and medical equipment maintenance.

Do you provide healthcare training programs for organizations?

We provide multiple training programs specifically designed for organizations and individuals to ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare service.


Remote and on-site occupational health clinic operations