Operational Medicine Programs for Military, Police, Oil & Gas

Our Service Offering

We offer on-site Emergency and Occupational Medicine Courses for Maritime, Energy, Construction, Mining, and Aviation Sectors. Our training courses are delivered by experienced American instructors who travel from the US to deliver them. Our programs include the following:

  • Pre-Hospital Field Operations
  • Advanced Medical Field Operations
  • Mass Gathering and Event Coverage
  • Suppression Operations
  • Administration in Special Operations

Available Courses on Offer:

We work closely with security and military forces to provide the highest level of Medical Field Operations training for use in hostile environments and mass gathering events. These include the following:

  • Field Surgical Support Course
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Combat “Lifesaver” Course

Value Proposition

Alleanza’s diverse cadre of American instructors boast vast international education experience.

We create our own procedural simulation models where none may currently exist, as well as utilizing high-quality, anatomically correct adjuncts.

We utilize an RF-based Audience Response System to keep each participant engaged and attentive.

We utilize a dual-screen approach with a “live” camera to provide REAL TIME demonstrations without crowding and distractions.


High quality training for medical professionals and continuing medical education (CMEs)