Clinic Setup and Management

Here at Alleanza, we act as the main medical gatekeepers that assist with regulating and managing patients by directing them toward the required and appropriate care.

Our Service Offering

We specialize in setting up and managing remote and on-site Primary Healthcare clinics according to your requirements, ensuring that your team of medical staff is able to provide effective care to patients.

Alleanza utilizes the gatekeeper model, whereby patients first consult a general practitioner who decides whether they need more detailed care and if so, will arrange this for the patient. Alleanza acts as a main medical gatekeeper, assisting with the management and regulation of patients by directing them toward the required and appropriate care.

Clinic Setup and Management - Alleanza UAE

How Clinic Setup and Management Help Our Clients

Our clinic setup and management supervised several parts of the medical clinic’s operations. This process assists in enhancing the quality of our healthcare services and improving our patient’s clinical journey.

We specialize in a proper patient management system wherein personalized care is provided based on the requirements of our patients. Based on the first consultation with your assigned medical practitioner, we act as the main handler in providing our patients with more detailed care. Depending on your healthcare requirements, you could choose physiotherapy and allied healthcare services or homecare nursing.

Our clinic setup and management process have considerably improved the way our clinical personnel carries out their activities to serve patients. It has also significantly eliminated unnecessary human errors in the patient management procedure. This process enabled us to share information with staff members, track patient progress and workflow, organize data, and make complex administrative tasks easier to manage. It benefits not just the physician but also our nursing staff, patients, and other colleagues working within the medical facility.

It has become an essential component of patient management since it assists in administering all parts of this process, including storage, retrieval, and analysis. It keeps track of everything linked to patients, ensuring that no critical information about them or their medical history is overlooked. We provide patient-centered care while also establishing excellent communication among all stakeholders. Through this, our process of providing quality healthcare has been streamlined.

In the clinical setting, it is crucial this department controls all patient records, from admission to discharge, ensuring information that can be used to generate studies and statistical reports on systemic processes. Our processes are able to provide safe registration of medical treatments, cost containment, complete information review, and, most importantly, increase the quality of patient care.

Value Proposition

Home care nursing in dubai and Sharjah - Alleanza UAE

We provide basic medication and consumables for high quality services

Home care nursing in dubai and Sharjah - Alleanza UAE

We act as a “gatekeeper” and only refer patients who are in need of further evaluation or treatment

Home care nursing in dubai and Sharjah - Alleanza UAE

We use a sophisticated central referral system to improve operational efficiency

Home care nursing in dubai and Sharjah - Alleanza UAE

We apply quality control measures to mitigate abuse of the system, including unjustified sick leaves


In which industries do you provide occupational health services?

Alleanza provides a broad spectrum of occupational medical services meeting each client’s unique project requirement in industrial, academic and leisure areas.

What type of remote clinic operations do you manage?

Alleanza’s remote clinic operations management services include pre-hospital emergency medical services, ambulance services and medical staffing, medical supply management, quality assurance, clinic licensure and management, and medical equipment maintenance.

Do you provide healthcare training programs for organizations?

We provide multiple training programs specifically designed for organizations and individuals to ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare service.


Remote and on-site occupational health clinic operations