Procurement Management

Here at Alleanza, our resources enable us to deliver exceptional care to our patients through Procurement Management. It manages and regulates how our facilities procure, supply, store, distribute, and use products. Our mission at Alleanza Group is to provide the finest quality products and services at the lowest operational cost to our clients.

Our Service Offering

Alleanza Healthcare provides procurement advisory and delivery solutions to help reduce supply risk and improve procurement effectiveness. It is also the link between clients and suppliers through sourcing, purchasing, and delivering bulk materials and equipment.

Our Procurement Solutions Include the Following:
  • Capital Goods & Equipment Procurement Management
  • Supply of Equipment, Goods & Services – Procurement Optimization
  • Business Process Re-engineering and Transactional Services
  • Efficient Procurement Services & Solutions
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Why is Procurement Management Important

To provide comprehensive and high-quality care, every hospital or medical institution requires medicine stocks, equipment, and medical supplies. An efficient and cost-effective procurement system is necessary because it provides your staff with the resources they need to provide high-quality patient care. This process identifies, obtains, delivers, and distributes medical and non-medical supplies, monitors stock levels, and restocks them as needed.
Understanding the procurement demands of a healthcare facility begins with examining the environment we are currently operating. Our critical procurement areas include:

Considering Prevalent Medical Conditions – We understand the prevalence and severity of diseases in the healthcare facility as it is essential for determining which medications and supplies will be necessary and in what quantities. We also consider if there are patients outside the institution, especially if there are no alternative health services or medical facilities in the area.

Assessing Infrastructure – We evaluate what infrastructure is already in position or will be needed before transporting, storing, and administering medications and supplies for maintaining and delivering inventories.

Staff & Personnel – We have trained professionals in charge of placement, shipment arrangement and tracking, and stock storage and management.

Laboratory equipment and supplies – We have functioning laboratory testing for diagnosing and monitoring patients’ health status. We also have supplies for COVID-19 PCR Testing that operates at your comfort to visit your specific location at the most convenient time for you.

Transfer Services – In resource-constrained environments, dependable vehicles and modes of transportation are essential to ensuring the safe transfer of severely ill patients and medical commodities. Here at Alleanza, we offer ambulance transfer services to clients who require transfer or pre-hospital emergency treatment. Our services cover from medical event aid to urgent ambulance services and intensive care patient transfers.

Adopting the appropriate procurement strategy helps us navigate the general procedure and activity areas. A systematic approach also allows us to define standards, identify demands, uncover and eliminate hidden costs, and unify information across departments and external influences.

Value Proposition

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We provide state-of-the-art medical equipment and consumables for high-quality services

Home care nursing in dubai and Sharjah - Alleanza UAE

We ensure rapid delivery of medical goods through our experienced operational and logistics team

Home care nursing in dubai and Sharjah - Alleanza UAE

All our medical equipment is ISO, FDA, EU, and UAE registered and certified


In which industries do you provide occupational health services?

Alleanza provides a broad spectrum of occupational medical services meeting each client’s unique project requirement in industrial, academic and leisure areas.

What type of remote clinic operations do you manage?

Alleanza’s remote clinic operations management services include pre-hospital emergency medical services, ambulance services and medical staffing, medical supply management, quality assurance, clinic licensure and management, and medical equipment maintenance.

Do you provide healthcare training programs for organizations?

We provide multiple training programs specifically designed for organizations and individuals to ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare service.


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