Procurement Management

Our Service Offering:

Alleanza Healthcare provides procurement advisory and delivery solutions to help reduce supply risk and improve procurement effectiveness. It is also the link between clients and suppliers through sourcing, purchasing, and delivering bulk materials and equipment.

Our Procurement Solutions Include the Following:
  • Capital Goods & Equipment Procurement Management
  • Supply of Equipment, Goods & Services – Procurement Optimization
  • Business Process Re-engineering and Transactional Services
  • Efficient Procurement Services & Solutions

Value Proposition

We provide state-of-the-art medical equipment and consumables for high-quality services.

We ensure rapid delivery of medical goods through our experienced operational and logistics team.

All our medical equipment is ISO, FDA, EU and UAE registered and certified.




Alleanza provides a broad spectrum of occupational medical services meeting each client’s unique project requirement in industrial, academic and leisure areas.

Alleanza’s remote clinic operations management services include pre-hospital emergency medical services, ambulance services and medical staffing, medical supply management, quality assurance, clinic licensure and management, medical equipment maintenance.

We provide multiple training programs specifically designed for organizations and individuals to ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare service.