Specialized Training

Our Service Offering

Students receive high quality medical care, as qualified healthcare professionals attend to the routine and emergency medical needs of nurseries, schools and universities . Alleanza Healthcare promotes education by supporting the health and well-being of students.

Our Available Courses Include the Following:

  • Essential Urgent Care and Primary Care Procedures I: Infections and Lacerations
  • Essential Urgent Care and Primary Care Procedures II: Orthopedic Procedures
  • Essentials of Traumatic Wound Care -Basic Wound Management Techniques
  • Advanced Traumatic Wound Management I
  • Advanced Traumatic Wound Management II
  • Optimizing Local and Regional Anesthesia I
  • Optimizing Local and Regional Anesthesia II (Including Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks)
  • Diagnosis and Management of Common Adult Fractures
  • Diagnosis and Management of Common Joint Dislocations
  • Diagnosis and Management of Common Adult Orthopedic Injuries
  • Orthopedic Ultrasound
  • Critical Management Skills for Acute Hand Injuries and Infections
  • Essential Management Skills for Dental and ENT Emergencies
  • Critical Management Skills for Acute Facial Injuries
  • Critical Management Skills for Common Ocular Trauma (Including Ultrasound Assisted Diagnosis)
  • Disaster Response: Life Saving Interventions in the Out-of-Hospital Setting
  • Acute Burn Wound Management for the Emergency Medicine, Primary Care and Urgent Care Provider
  • Ultrasound Utilization in Common Adult & Pediatric Emergency Medicine Scenarios
  • Emergency Medicine Update Course
  • Recognition and Preparedness for Infectious Disease Outbreaks
  • Chronic Wound Management
  • Procedure “Hacks” in Wound Management: Maintaining Best-Practice While Improvising with What You Have, Not What You Wish You Had
  • Tactical Medic Course
  • Emergency Nursing Fundamentals
  • Emergency Cardiac Nursing
  • Nursing for Obstetric Emergencies
  • Nursing for Child Health Emergencies
  • Nursing for Mental Health Emergencies
  • Essentials of Critical Care Nursing
  • Topics in Nursing Administration
  • Acute Management of Cardiovascular Disease Emergencies
  • Major Trauma Emergencies
  • Obstetric Emergencies
  • Child Health Emergencies
  • Communicable Disease Emergencies
  • Mental Health Emergencies
  • Fundamentals of Medical & Surgical Critical Care
  • Topics in Emergency Department Administration
  • Communicable Disease in the Acute Care Setting
  • Military Nurse Program
  • Military and Civilian Physician Assistant Program
  • Combat Medic Program
  • Extreme Environmental Medicine Fellowship
  • Emergency Medical Services Fellowship
  • Multi-track Pre-Residency and Leadership-in-Medicine Program”

Value Proposition

Alleanza’s diverse cadre of American instructors boast vast international education experience.

We create our own procedural simulation models where none may currently exist, as well as utilizing high-quality, anatomically correct adjuncts.

We utilize an RF-based Audience Response System to keep each participant engaged and attentive.

We utilize a dual-screen approach with a “live” camera to provide REAL TIME demonstrations without crowding and distractions.