Occupational Health Training

Our Service Offering

Students receive high-quality medical care as qualified healthcare professionals attend to the routine and emergency medical needs of nurseries, schools and universities. Alleanza Healthcare promotes education by supporting and aiding the health and well-being of students.

Our Available Courses on Offer and Their Durations are Listed Below:

Wellness Services


  • Knowledge Hour (lecture-style presentations) – 1 hour
  • Dose of Happiness (interactive half-day seminars) – 2 hours
  • Engagement Station (full-day team-based workshops) – 3.5 hours

Coaching (one-on-one sessions) – 1 hour

Telehealth Consultations (lifestyle advice) – 20 minutes

Vaccination (flu shots/other) – Per Consultation

Absence Management

Sickness Absence Audit

  • Department-Wide Reporting (Bradford Index Tool) – Per Assessment
  • Individual Reporting (Bradford Index Tool) – Per Assessment

Fitness Physicals

Pre-Placement Medicals (detailed physical exam, medical history review, assessing strength, flexibility and range of motion) – 45 minutes Routine Health/Wellness Checks (detailed physical exam, medical history review, assessing strength, flexibility and range of motion; body mass index and percentage of body fat; waist to hip ratio; blood pressure and pulse; cholesterol; blood glucose; HgbA1c; other laboratory tests as appropriate) – 45 minutes

Return to Work Fitness Assessment (assessment of function, detailed physical exam to evaluate employee’s ability to return to work after a non-work-related illness/injury – clearance paperwork required) – 45 minutes

Employee Engagement

HAPPi Engagement Model (assessment with pre- and post-impact) – as per request

Value Proposition

Alleanza’s diverse instructor cadre has vast international education experience.

We create our own procedural simulation models where none may currently exist, as well as utilizing high quality, anatomically correct adjuncts.

We utilize an RF-based Audience Response System to keep each participant engaged and attentive.

We utilize a dual screen approach with a “live” camera to provide REAL TIME demonstrations without crowding and distractions.