How UAE Schools Are Making Healthcare More Accessible to Students

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Improving students’ access to quality education and genuine healthcare is critical to enriching and reaching their true potential. Students’ fundamental rights are secured by ensuring that their educational and health care demands are fulfilled.

In times of health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, serious health risks are imposed on students. And with the new normal that we are facing, the school is primarily responsible for ensuring that accessible healthcare is provided for each student. Given that each student has different privileges depending on various social factors, it is the school’s responsibility to secure that every student has equal access to free and genuine healthcare.

Various schools in UAE have answered the call and integrated comprehensive preventive screening programs for their students. They understand the importance of making healthcare accessible to everyone. They have also acknowledged that students’ academic excellence is equivalent to having a healthy mind and body. Here’s how they did it:

Implementing School Screening Program

The process of the screening program is to identify children with developmental disabilities or those with early signs of health problems. However, it falls short of early detection of critical aspects of mental health and substance abuse.

The school screening process is a vital step in identifying the disease conditions of students, and it allows for earlier treatment and better control of the condition. It can also reduce the risk of future serious health problems while also limiting the impact on their education.

Some of the screening tests that were conducted are the following:

– Oral Health Screening

– Medical Check-up in Dubai

– Hearing screening

Blood test to screen for anemia

Aside from these, there is also a full body checkup package for those who want to avail of them.

Special Focus on Mental Health Initiatives

Mental health conversations have been increasingly present in various schools in UAE. The recent lockdowns, isolations, and the closure of schools negatively impacted the mental well-being of most students. Through various mental health initiatives, forums, and programs, they have shifted the focus on mental health as one of the most important public health issues in today’s generation.

Giving importance to mental health, various students from Dubai and UAE have joined hand-in-hand with the school in launching mental health initiatives through various social media platforms. Living in a bustling city could be a little overwhelming, and the amount of academic workload can also be very tiring. With the special focus on mental health initiatives, those students who can’t afford professional help can have genuine support.

Having a Doctor on Call for Emergency Purposes

When it comes to emergency needs and unexpected occurrences, schools have a doctor on call to stand by in times of need. It is very crucial given that we are still in a global health outbreak, and virus-related diseases should be treated with utmost care. The importance of emergency doctors can not be underestimated in our current situation. Now more than ever, schools have to be more than a hundred percent prepared when it comes to their healthcare facilities.

Each school’s healthcare policies must be inclusive to meet the students’ changing needs. There is a need to not just upgrade the healthcare facilities, but also to establish more accessible healthcare policies for students. For any of your healthcare services needs, medical education, and training needs here in UAE. You can reach us at Alleanza Group to accommodate your healthcare needs.

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