The Post-Covid Future: The Importance of Prioritizing The Healthcare

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The global health and development community has experienced unprecedented disruption because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has taken all countries by surprise, necessitating efficient modifications to the past systems.

Even the first-world countries, with their top-notch healthcare system, created a reality check – particularly their overall readiness in a health crisis. The pandemic has ultimately revealed what is at stake, overturning the lives of families worldwide. It served as a striking wake-up call of the importance of building resilient health systems around the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic acts as a catalyst for change in healthcare systems and interventions, shifting the focus towards preventive care. And this could mean integrating a new model for healthcare delivery that prioritizes the healthcare sector more than ever. To realize this, these are the things to focus on.

Train, Prioritize, and Give Proper Compensation to Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers have become frontline soldiers in this health crisis. They have selflessly risked their lives throughout the pandemic and sacrificed so much in the name of public service. The pandemic’s physical and emotional toll on healthcare professionals and emergency doctors has been unmeasurable. In an uncertain post-covid future, we need them more than ever, and prioritizing them means providing them with the appropriate training, building confidence in them, and supporting them emotionally and financially.

Strengthening Remote or Home Care Services

The acceleration of remote services has upscaled during the pandemic. Patients prefer home care service or in-home nursing care as it is safer, more convenient, and more effective in overall health improvement. Strengthening remote care or home care services should be prioritized as it offers better convenience and good patient-centered care, all the while addressing capacity issues in the healthcare system. Aside from physical health, mental healthcare should become part of the critical focus in the future as the strenuous lockdown and isolation has affected everyone’s mental health.

Establish Efficient Response and Surveillance Systems

New strains of cases and viruses have erupted in different parts of the world during the pandemic. And we have witnessed how critical it is to have effective testing and reporting mechanisms to monitor the spread of the virus. But, larger investments to improve testing are needed more in the future, especially at the community level, as they have limited access and capacity for testing. Our ability to detect future outbreaks will be limited if we will not give importance to these systems.

Requiring Preventive Vaccines alongside Immunization Packages

In our pursuit of preventive healthcare measures, vaccines must be readily available as part of regular immunization packages. It should be provided as a lifetime preventive protection to contain future outbreaks. Aside from vaccination and immunization packages, full body checkups in Dubai or any part of the UAE should be administered to protect adults and their families. For children’s immunization, alternative vaccines appropriate for their age should also be required.

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