The Role Of Physiotherapists In Primary Health Care

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Primary healthcare is a component of the healthcare system that focuses on healthcare delivery, such as health development, preventive illness care, and injury diagnosis and treatment. It is where most health illnesses are diagnosed, problems are identified, treatment programs are followed, and progress is observed. Strengthening these health care activities enables a life course and an integrated viewpoint on treatment to be obtained, which has a favorable impact on the patient’s quality of life. Primary health care approaches are appropriate means for increasing patient access to essential care while enhancing efficiency, integration, and continuity to guarantee that health needs are fulfilled in the right location and at the right time by the most appropriate healthcare practitioners.

Role of Physiotherapy in Primary Health Care

Physiotherapists should be present in primary healthcare practice, where they can serve as the first point of contact or specialist for a wide range of conditions. Physiotherapists are self-regulated health professionals who conduct preventive care and illness treatment on individuals. They are trained to assess, develop, and manage an individual’s functional ability and physical conditioning and avoid or relieve pain, physical impairments, and participation limitations in daily activities.

Incorporating physiotherapy at home into primary healthcare has resulted in increased patient comfort and satisfaction, including improved patient-related results such as quality of life, activity engagement tolerance, and overall functional capacity. Aligning rehabilitation into primary care can also enhance the outcomes of other health interventions by ensuring continuity of care that promotes full recovery.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of physiotherapists in primary health care are as follows:

  • Assessment, diagnosis, and therapy for individuals with musculoskeletal conditions, including tailored exercise programs, self-management, and training
  • Pain treatment programs, therapy, and self-management instruction for people suffering from chronic pain
  • Diagnosis, tailored self-management treatment plans, and therapy for cancer patients with mobility and pain difficulties, especially those in the palliative phase

Benefits of Integrating Physiotherapy Services in Primary Health Care

When physiotherapy is integrated into primary healthcare settings, patients, practitioners, and medical institutions gain various benefits. Physiotherapists working in collaborative partnerships help patients and their families sustain continuity of care throughout the lifecycle and care continuum.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating physiotherapy services in primary health care:

  • Patients who receive physiotherapy firsthand express higher satisfaction with their care and greater independence in self-management of their ailment.
  • Early intervention by a physiotherapist involving hands-on treatment and a personalized fitness program reduces the risk of chronic injury and impairment, which can limit function and mobility.
  • When compared to institutional care, there is higher cost-effectiveness.
  • Rehabilitation at the primary care level can assist in preventing costly hospitalizations and re-admissions by mitigating the risk of unnecessary complications and secondary disorders.
  • Physiotherapists, as movement experts and exercise program planners, help adults and children achieve good and long-term changes in their physical activity levels. Physiotherapists are now focusing a portion of their practice on healthy lifestyle intervention.

The value and importance of a healthcare service extend beyond its substantiated cost-effectiveness. When considering the broader element of value, quality of life, access and continuity of care, and service integration are all essential criteria. And with the help of physiotherapists, chronic disease prevention and management are achieved, especially for people who are the most vulnerable in society. To help you with all your physiotherapy needs, you can consult with us at Alleanza Group. As a reputable healthcare provider in UAE, we provide tailored physical assessments depending on your healthcare needs.

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