The Scope Of At-Home Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

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As the COVID-19 pandemic poses the risk of visiting healthcare facilities and medical clinics, there is an arising need for virtual consultations, telehealth programs, and at-home care services. Fortunately, getting medical assistance now does not necessarily require trips to the hospital. With the emergence of at-home healthcare services – health professionals, nurses, and physicians can now visit the homes of the patients providing high-quality and risk-free care when needed.

Now, in-home nursing care by physiotherapists is now considered one of the most common types of therapy used to help patients overcome pain, control, movement, and neural impulses. Multiple medical institutions and specialty clinics provide high-quality services, which not only saves money and time commuting but also offers a greater sense of security. To understand more about the scope of at-home physiotherapy and rehabilitation, let’s dig deeper into this article.

What is at-home physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment intervention that aids in the restoration of movement and function after an illness or injury. Physiotherapy includes injury prevention, health, and fitness promotion, and rehabilitation. As the name implies, at-home care provided by a qualified physiotherapist is primarily targeted at individuals who have difficulty gaining full access to a medical facility. Another group also comprises elderly people who do not feel safe and comfortable in the rehabilitation room with other people. As a result, physiotherapists provide comprehensive care to a very broad group of individuals.

Difference between at-home and facility-based physiotherapy

At-home physiotherapy differs only in the place where it is performed, which is the home of the patient. It is conducted in a comfortable and safe environment, making treatments, massage services, or exercises much more pleasant for the patient. To be more specific, the patient no longer would have to feel uneasy and anxious in front of strangers in the rehabilitation circle. As a result, each patient is treated independently with complete dedication and equal attention to at-home care services.

Benefits of At-Home Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

It is general knowledge that an individualistic method in approaching patients results in much quicker and better therapeutic outcomes. However, at-home care provides added benefits that influence other aspects of life that help in faster recovery, such as security, comfort, and well-being.

At-home physiotherapy care and rehabilitation plan is tailored to the patient’s specific needs and may consist of physical therapy, exercise, or massage treatments. During each successive scheduled at-home appointment, a physiotherapist continuously analyzed the implications of the therapy based on the patient’s current physical condition. Furthermore, it monitors his every movement during therapeutic activities so that the patient could keep improving as needed.

Therapies that are included in At-Home Physiotherapy

Home physiotherapy is generally based on a combination of physical therapy and massage or exercise treatment methods to match the therapy plan. The physical therapist may develop a rehabilitation plan based on kinesiotherapy, comprehensive manual therapy, Czy therapeutic massages, neurotactinic, craniosacral therapy, osteopathy, and kinesiotherapy, depending on the patient’s clinical condition. The treatments available may differ in how they affect the chosen treatment area, where extreme discomfort is felt.

Duration of At-Home Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

For rehabilitation to be effective, at-home physiotherapy care should be made at least three times per week for an hour over the next course of four weeks. Every day, at least 5 treatments should be performed. And if at-home care and rehabilitation do not deliver the desired results, you can extend the treatments with your physiotherapist’s approval.

Who can schedule an appointment for at-home physiotherapy and rehabilitation?

At-home physiotherapy is geared toward anyone who is suffering from joint injuries, chronic diseases, or neurological problems. If you are unsure whether you fall into this category, you can contact us at Alleanza Group. We will gladly answer all your queries regarding physiotherapy at-home, and will instantly sign you up for your first at-home care visit, with consultation and rehabilitation treatments.

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