Why “Eye of Paramedic” Can Be The Future of Remote Treatments

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Emergencies can happen to anyone, at any time and from any location. Being mostly unpredictable, their scope and impact may vary, possibly complicating medical situations which may put patients in danger prior to hospital arrival. To avoid these adverse complications from occurring, it is vital for emergency doctors and teams to plan ahead in order to save and protect lives while minimizing casualties. Dubai, being one of the most advanced environments in the world, addressed this through the “eye of the paramedic.”

What is the “Eye of the Paramedic?”

The Eye of the Paramedic is a hands-free, voice-activated headset developed by Hippo Technologies Inc., a US-based company, and was jointly introduced by the Alleanza Group. It has the purpose of allowing an emergency doctor to treat patients even remotely as he/she sees their live data wherever they may be, and hear the initial remarks of paramedics.

The device uses four directional microphones that provide a 360-degree coverage. It can also take photos and videos, allowing emergency responders to integrate it in an inventory system. With its advanced technology, the Eye of the Paramedic can also scan QR codes that help emergency response teams to scan medications fast and give immediate care to patients.

Benefits of Using the “Eye of the Paramedic”

  • Most Immediate Care

The Eye of the Paramedic allows first emergency responders to render the most immediate care to patients even from a remote location. Using the device, they can live stream the condition of a patient, including what they are seeing and doing at the moment, for real-time consultations with an emergency doctor back at the hospital. Through this, even patients under the most complex cases can possibly be saved.

  • Immersive Experience

As an emergency doctor or specialist connects with emergency responders in the field through the device, they can gain an immersive experience that will help them make the right diagnosis and give the proper treatment advice at any time during the scene of the emergency or even during ambulance transits of patients.

  • Delivery of Expert Care During the Golden Hour

For emergency response teams, the golden hour can be a tremendous opportunity for them to save trauma patients. This refers to the most urgent need of care during the first hour of injury, affecting morbidity and mortality if not otherwise insinuated. With this new medical solution, emergency responders can provide both initial and expert care on the ground as they become simultaneously connected with physicians and emergency room teams. Through this, they can provide an optimized clinical collaboration to deliver the best treatment even the first time.

Key Takeaway

The Eye of the Paramedic is the future of medical response as it allows emergency teams to render excellent treatments even away from the hospital. It can also optimize home health care by allowing immobilized patients to be treated by specialists even remotely. With its speed, accuracy, and advanced technology, survival rates can be increased while reducing mortality rates. Indeed, it can support all paramedics in the future, even remotely.

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